Freedom from Boring Printed Business Cards

Forget about old fashioned printed visiting cards that generally goes to the dustbin. With our Digital Business Card, you can create and share your contact information that has Actionable one click events like

  • Call
  • Email
  • Whatsapp
  • Navigation
  • Website Link
  • Social Links
  • Map and more

Do I need a Digital Business Card ?

In today's competitive business world, not having your contact information in your prospect's phone is actually a business loss.

No need to carry business cards !

Share your digital business card using our vCard Sharing App. Easily send your contact information via SMS, Email or Whatsapp (Without saving their number).

Click, Call and Business!

Your recipients can use CLICK TO CALL feature to make a call. Isn't it a business opportunity when your customers can easily reach you?

They can Whatsapp you. Without saving your number!

Yup! Recipients can tap "Click to Whatsapp" feature on your Digital vCard and they can intiate a chat with you.

Navigation to your Physical Location.

People can get turn by turn navigation to your business location using Google Map. This will ensure that your prospects are not distracted with other sites, stores or location.

Click to Email

Your recipients can send you an email in just few clicks. They can easily reach you to know more about your products and services.

Click to Website

Customers these days are smart and gather information from all over the internet. And hence we have Click To Website feature on our digtial business vcard, so that your prospects can visit your website to gather more information about your products.

Business Card QR Code.

Whenever you meet people in person, you can always ask them to scan your digital business card QR code, so that they can instantly access and store your contact information in their mobile device.

Send vCard by Whatsapp and Email.

When you meet people, just ask for their name and phone number and you can send your digital business card on whatsapp, without even saving their number.

Whom Digital Business Card is Beneficial ?

If you meet your prospective customers in person (one to one meeting) or atleast you do telephonic conversations to market and sell your products or services, then our Digital Business Card will help convey your message in a more strategic way.

Business Owners

Business owners who call and/or meet prospects personally to get business.

Sales Preneurs

Independent Sales Professionals, Field Staff and Sales Executives.

Software & IT

Web Designers, Digital and Social Media Marketers who call / meet business people.

Marketing Agencies

Advertising, Branding, News Paper, Printing and Media Planning Houses.


Architect, Interior Designers, CA, Finance and other Consultants.

Events and Travels

Professionals from Event Management, Tours and Travel Companies.

Finance & Realtors

People from Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Advisors.

Digital Business Card Features

Have a glace at our Interactive Digital vCard Features.

vCard Contact App

vCard Sharing App. Manage & Export all your contacts from vCard App.

Click to Call

Your customers will reach you by just tapping on mobile number on vCard

Click To WhatsApp

Your prospects can whatsapp you without even saving your number!

Click to Email

One Click and your customer will be able to send you an email.

Add to Contacts

People can save all your contact details in their phone address book.

Click to Navigate

Using vCard, people can navigate to your store with Google Maps.

Add Custom Link

Add Custom Links for Contact Forms, Payment Buttons and more.

Website & Social Links

With digital vCard, Customers can visit websites and social sites.

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